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Our Services

The Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to lessening the trauma experiences by child victims when abuse allegations are investigated. Here, victims can find caring professionals who help them through the nightmare of abuse and neglect. Within the Center, families can find support and resources - but most importantly they find a place where healing can begin.

The services provided by Pine Hills Advocacy Center would not be possible without the caring individuals that volunteer their time and talents to assist the Center in many different capacities. All our services are of no cost to our victims and our families because of generous donations, fundraising projects, as well as grants applied for by Pine Hills.

Services Include:

Forensic Interviews - Pine Hills Advocacy Center employs forensic child interviewers trained in obtaining the details necessary to conduct effective and complete investigations of child sexual, physical, and emotional abuse cases in a non-threatening manner. Children ages 3-17 from all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds are served at no cost to the victim or their family members.

Counseling - Counseling services for victims and their non-offending family members by Licensed Professional Counselors at no cost to the victim or their family members.

Hospital Advocacy - Pine Hills Advocacy Center volunteer hospital advocates are available 24 hours a day to provide support, crisis counseling, and assistance to rape survivors during the forensic rape kit exam.

Criminal Justice Advocacy - Advocates are available to provide support to survivors during the judicial process and accompany survivors to court.

Community Outreach and Prevention Education - Pine Hills Advocacy Center provides prevention education to the community in a variety of areas, including seminars to schools, college campus students, and community organizations.

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