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About Us

imgCounseling.jpgThe Child Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to lessening the trauma experiences by child victims when abuse allegations are investigated. Here, victims can find caring professionals who help them through the nightmare of abuse and neglect. Within the Center, families can find support and resources - but most importantly they find a place where healing can begin.

The services provided by Pine Hills Advocacy Center would not be possible without the caring individuals that volunteer their time and talents to assist the Center in many different capacities. All our services are of no cost to our victims and our families because of generous donations, fundraising projects, as well as grants applied for by Pine Hills.

Pine Hills Advocacy Center serves Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson, Lincoln and Union Parishes.

If you are interested in supporting Pine Hills, donations can be mailed to:

Pine Hills Advocacy Center
100 W. Texas Ave. 2nd Floor
Ruston, Louisiana 71270

Donations can also be made Online!

If you are interested in volunteering, please download and complete our application. You can either scan and email it us, mail it to us, or bring it by our office. Thank you for your support!

What a Pine Tree Knows

Years ago, when a large pine tree fell on a man’s house he was amazed to see how shallow the root structure was. He asked the man he hired to remove the tree, why his pine tree had fallen.

The man said, "The Good Lord didn’t intend for pine trees to stand alone. He made them to stand in a thicket with other pine trees, so when strong winds come, they can lean on each other for support and protection."

And isn’t it fitting that an organization in North Louisiana that provided counseling to child victims of physical and sexual abuse, supports and protects them from harm, be named The Pine Hills Children’s Advocacy Center.

Because, much like our beautiful pine trees, the good Lord never intended for these young children to stand alone.

- Randy Rogers

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